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about us

CFA Society Jordan promotes and advocates the highest ethical and professional standards within the investment industry, encourages professional development through the CFA© Program, and facilitates the open exchange of information and opinions.

We seek to contribute to the development of the investment profession in Jordan through interactions with decision and policy makers, and through creating awareness of the CFA© Program among students, employers and employees.

Established in 2002, CFA Society Jordan is a non profit organization and as one of CFA Institute member societies, our society connects members to a global network of 135,000+ investment professionals.

CFA Society Jordan promotes and advocates:

  • The highest ethical and professional standards within the investment industry in Jordan,
  • Encourage professional development through the CFA© Program and continuing education,
  • Facilitates the exchange of information and opinions among people within the local investment community and beyond, and;
  • Works to further increase the public's understanding and awareness of the CFA designation and investment industry.



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Promoting best practices




what we do


research challenge

An incredible experience for university students, the annual Research Challenge, a global competition, is a major event that CFA Society Jordan organises. With an average of 20-25 participants each year, we are proud to have impacted more than 100 university students in Jordan since it started 5 years ago. 

Mock Exams

We facilitate annual mock exams for registered candidates to have the chance to practise ahead of the actual exam. This has received very positive feedback from participants and as a consequence, the exam pass rates in Jordan have seen a remarkable improvement.  

networking opportunities

With participation rates exceeding on average 100 people per event, CFA Society Jordan's various events offer excellent networking opportunities to meet and interact with finance and investment professionals in Jordan. 

continuing education

The voluntary Continuing Education (CE) Program is a framework for our members to identify educational activities that contribute to ongoing professional development. It is a program that is focused on trust. Learn more about this program, why it's relevant to you or start designing your program now. 


Every year we offer scholarships to exam candidates. The scholarships are divided into two categories: Access Scholarships and Awareness Scholarships. We encourage all registered candidates to apply. Check this out to find out more about eligibility, applications and rules etc. 

knowledge seminars

Considered by many one of our flagship events, several times a year we organise interesting Knowledge Seminars. Topics range from Islamic Finance, Macroeconomics, ESG and SRI, Derviatives and Fintech, but also soft skills such as improving your memory.

Society membership

We offer Regular and Affiliate memberships of the Society. Join the local societyManage your membership or just Find out more here. 

Benefits of a Society membership includes:

  • Network with peers in the industry
  • Be part of an effectual and common voice to develop and protect the interests of the profession
  • Stay abreast of trends that affect the industry in your market
  • Take advantage of local professional development opportunities
  • Take advantage of discounts to dynamic and educational local programs
  • Access additional resources, such as job announcements and newsletters

job postings

Through our various platforms, we regulalry post interesting job opportunities within finance, banking and investment banking in Jordan. CFA Institute also offers a JobLine which lists international opportunities. 

CFA Society Jordan has offered me the professional networking opportunities and the bridges to link my academic studies with empirical knowledge.
— Safa' Abdelrahman, CFA

Committed to excellence

Those three letters at the end of our names set us apart in the financial field.


valuable networking opportunities

I have found valuable professional networking opportunities through the various events organized by CFA Society Jordan, which has had a significant and positive impact on my career
— Suhaib Al Tal, CFA